Saturday, June 13, 2009

8th Grade Social!!!

Okay so last night was my 8th grade social. I had a really pretty dress on. It was all different colors of green. My hair was put into a pony-tail and I put on fake nails & fake toenails. Yes, they have those. (:

When I got to the dance, I took pictures with a lot of my friends. But none of us started dancing til about 7:30(oh it was from 7-10). All the girls, including me, took off our heels in less then 25 minutes. We danced in bare feet.

The social was jammin! I fast danced with Ben and Brendon like a million times. I slowed danced with Ben & Kyle. And yes, I even grinded with Brendon twice. Sorry, but I'm a big girl now!

I guess you can say I'm liking someone new. ♥

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ahhhh Horirible Weekend.

Actually, horrible month of May.

On May 1st, this girl Kim died. I wasn't really friends with her but I saw the aftermath of the accident. It was yucky. My mom said I couldn't go to the wake because I was too young. But...

A few weeks later my friend's dad died. I am now going to the wake. Great.

Oh yeah,
happy birthday Alex!
a real happy birthday. :(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey guys! I'm Back!

I guess since summer is coming, I am going to have time on my hands. So, I might as well take up blogging again. There is a lot I have to tell you. So today, there will probably be a new post or two from me. (:

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay, so last week, for some odd reason, I decided that I wanted to go to boarding school. And the boarding school I wanted to go to, was Patterson. It's located in Lenoir, North Carolina; a really nice place. The school is really big! It has two girls dorms, two guy dorms and a lot of other buildings. And the schedules are amazing and I love it. Here is the daily schedule:

7:30am-Wake Up
8:45-10:15-Block 1
10:30-12pm-Block 2
12:30-2pm-Block 3
2:15-3:45-Block 4
7pm-8pm-Additional Activities
8pm-9pm-Study Hall
9pm-10:15-Recreational Room Open
10:30-Students in dorms
11pm-Students in rooms

Isn't their schedule amazing? Yes. Now here is the yearly schedule:

September 2 – 4 Faculty Returns – Employee Workshop
September 6 - 7 All Boarding Students Move In
September 8 Classes Begin
September 13 ACT
October 4 SAT
October 18 PSAT
October 24 - 28 Mid Terms
October 25 ACT
October 28 Quarter 1 Ends
October 29 Quarter 2 Begins
November 1 SAT
November 21 Thanksgiving Holiday Begins at Noon
December 1 Classes Resume
December 6 SAT
December 13 ACT
December 19 Christmas Holiday Begins at Noon
(study guides will be sent home)
January 12 Classes Resume
January 14 - 16 Final Exams
January 16 Quarter 2 Ends
January 17 Beginning of Second Semester
Quarter 3 Begins
January 24 SAT
February 7 ACT
March 5 - 9 Mid Terms
March 9 Quarter 3 Ends
March 10 Quarter 4 Begins
March 14 SAT
March 27 Spring Break Begins at Noon
April 4 ACT
April 20 Classes Resume
May 2 SAT
May 16 Graduation – Last Day for Seniors
May 19 - 22 Final Exams
(May 19th exams start at 1)
(May 22nd exams end at 12)
May 22 Last Day of Classes at Noon
4th Quarter Ends
Haha I love it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


As a field trip for no bullying, my school decided to take us to the state jail. There we went to the courtyard, through security, and heard stories from real prisoners themselves. The security, was crazy. It had so many rules. EX. Jeans may not be too baggy or tight, No V-neck shirts, no hooded sweatshirts, no jewelry, no under wire bras, etc. I was so nervous the alarm would go off on me. But it didn't, thank goodness.

When we went into the jail, 5 people led us to our seats. They wore beige color clothing. At first, I thought they were security but they weren't. They were the prisoners. I met 2 murderers, 1 ex-gang member, 1 robber, and 1 drug dealer. They were really scary, glaring at us and yelling and swearing at us. We weren't allowed to slouch, for they wanted us to feel uncomfortable and we couldn't touch the tables because that was where the prisoners see their family and friends for the last time and they cry there. They asked us some questions, like "How many of you, honestly, have smoked weed or cigarettes?" I closed my eyes, not wanting to know how many people raised their hands. When I opened them, I was surprised. Out of 105 students, 12 of them raised their hands. Twelve 14-year old raised their hands, most of them my friends. But they are trying to stop. It was sad. I DO NOT SMOKE WEED, CIGARETTES, NOR DRINK ALCOHOL!

We went out to the courtyard. Big fields, post office, school, offices, and other scary places.


New President

We have a new president! Yipeee! Barack Obama is our 44th president, isn't it great? I got to watch it in school on Tuesday and missed math and lunch. It was great. Maybe Obama will do a better job then Bush, I have no doubt about it. I might be able to live a good life when I get older and not be homeless. That was the way it was going when Bush was president, no offense.

On Tuesday, at 12pm exactly, Bush was sworn out. When Bush was leaving the White House for the last time, people were singing "The Wicked Witch Is Dead". Well not exactly, but leave it up to one of them and he may be soon. Obama was sworn into presidency at 12:06. We went 6 minutes without a president! What could have happened in those 6 minutes? A nuclear war, etc.

Oh yeah and that night, the little Obama girls went on a scavenger hunt in the White House. And at the end of it, guess who was there? The Jonas Brothers! They got a private concert. How cool would it be to be their friend? But I wouldn't. They might think I am only being their friends for the opportunity and they need real friends, and if I got near them, I would be their for the opportunity.

Isn't it great?

Our 44th president is African American and I was alive to see it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LDI Casting

So all of a sudden, I am obsessed with acting again. I am looking for casting calls but not yet. I also am trying to get my parents to sign me up for casting classes in January. They cost $200. For 6 weeks.

Wish me luck!