Saturday, June 13, 2009

8th Grade Social!!!

Okay so last night was my 8th grade social. I had a really pretty dress on. It was all different colors of green. My hair was put into a pony-tail and I put on fake nails & fake toenails. Yes, they have those. (:

When I got to the dance, I took pictures with a lot of my friends. But none of us started dancing til about 7:30(oh it was from 7-10). All the girls, including me, took off our heels in less then 25 minutes. We danced in bare feet.

The social was jammin! I fast danced with Ben and Brendon like a million times. I slowed danced with Ben & Kyle. And yes, I even grinded with Brendon twice. Sorry, but I'm a big girl now!

I guess you can say I'm liking someone new. ♥

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